Plumbers,drain techs & maintanence pros

Is your drain gun hard to handle, causing pain and beating you up?  Ergo Auger was designed by professionals for professionals and will change the way you feel about cleaning drains.

EA 1

Easy work

It’s a super simple concept: We moved the grip over the center of gravity and added a leg to support all the weight.  These minor design changes to the drill unit create massive leverage & control over a heavy drum and cable.  

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Our patented design gives you a decided advantage on tub, shower/floor and sink drains.  With the Ergo Auger drill unit you’ll make a tough job look easy and feel even easier. How do we know?..we clean drains for a living too.

EA 3


Have a drum that you like?  Attach it to our gun. General, Ridgid, Electric Eel, Gorlitz and Cobra electric hand-held drill drums will adapt to the Ergo Auger.


No Bullshit Drain guns or gimmicks here. This is a contractor grade tool, with real leverage and power over a tough job. If you don’t agree after using we will refund your money. please see our return policy for details and thanks for checking us out!

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